Monday, 10 December 2012

A quiet night in

so no play today my mistress did say she may not always be available and i wasnt available really either  as id planned a normal night with the mates to clear my head.

but to get it all cloudy and filthy again after a day at college i got home dressed in my panties bra and wig, put in my but plug and loaded up the sissy porn. hoping to play with  my mistress or hear about her date before i went out.

the porn was getting me as horny and wet again but no sign of mistress, oh well these things happen so i spent the day edging my sissy clit being very careful not to hae any accidents this time. i teased and teased till i was so hard i though i might burst my clit all purple and swollen then i went to my freinds, so needless to say my head wasnt exactly clear hehe ;)


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