Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sissy Rachel returns xx

So my first day back and already my mistress has made me do 5  videos for her 4 of them were fucking and sucking wow my sissy hole is so sore.

so my first video task was to introduce my bbc to my new "whore house", as my mistress calls it now hehe, i was to fuck or suck it in every room well seen as my new place is alot smaller this wouldnt take long but it was only the first video! what a night i was in for.

So i got dressed in my sexy sissy knickers and bra hold up stockings and did some basic make up nice big red cock sucking lips and some dark eyes ;)a sissy skirt covered in hearts and my wig and heels oo rachel was back hehe.

i started on my knees in my toilet sucking my bbc cock taking its full length in my sissy mouth mm moaning like a good cock sucking whore as i deep throated the cock.

then i lead it to the shower and sucked it some more, i felt so slutty on my knees in my shower sucking this bbc toy, i couldnt wait any longer i slipped my but plug out and replaced it with my sissy toy mm i moaned as it filled and stretched my sissy pussy, ohh yeah i bounced up and down feeling its whole length filling my hole mmm oh god yes

this was going to be long night! full of cock.

After taking it deep in my sissy pussy in the shower for a while i went to my next room which wasnt far my small hall way with my fridge, i stuck my bbc to it and sucked it soo deep and hard rachel was soo horny now, after a quick re lube with my sissy mouth i stuck it to the fridge and backed up on it, oh fuck i cried as it re stretched me and filled me in a different way mm god i love this cock in my sissy ass

i stuffed my ass there for a bit then went to my living room/bedroom i bent right over my coffee table and begged my self for the bbc. 

mm i pushed it in my hole and forced it deep and hard mm my face pressed hard down onto the table as i reemed my pussy with  my toy, 

i took it out for some atm before quickly needing it filling my empty hole again.

next i moved to the kitchen this was risky as i have no curtains and im on the bottom floor, either way i was under instruction so i stuck my black cock to the washing machine and sucked it nice and quickly as i was scared of being spotted.

then onto the sofa i put my stocking legs together above my head as i laid on my back and pounded my sissy hole again oh wow this was so hot ive lived here just a week and now ive degraded my sissy self in every inch of it. 

but id saved the best til last my bed oh wow how i fantasise about being forced to bring a guy round and serve him all for my mistress how humiliating.

so i got down and dirty with my bbc on my bed for a while enjoying my toy and being rachel again. 0h what a start to the night......

For my second video for mistress was a sexy sissy strip tease, so i put the most layers of sissy clothes on i had, some sexy white jeans a pink vest top, re did my sexy lipstick. and a pink sissy bra and panties set, patterned stockings mm  and found some really girly songs ie britney spears hehe

i played it lound and got in the mood pretending i had a guy here and i had to make him hard. i swayed my sissy hips back and forth caressed my body all over mm this was getting me in the mood for more cock hehe , i danced about my living room teasing the camera with my sissy body slowly removing each item of sissy wear. what must my neighbours think what a gay boy lives next door playing britney spears how humiliating i wonder if theyl mention it.

i danced and teased till i was completley naked but my butt plug then moved on to my next video........

For the third video i was to slowly and sensualy fuck my bbc with no hands make it real hot like a good sissy porn star hehe 
 so i took my toy back to the bathroom where i could stick it
 i stuck it down and lowered my sissy pussy down on it mmy i felt its head squeeze into my hole mmm i kept lowering my self till i had its full black length inside me, i rode it nice and slow enjoying its fulness in my sissy pussy mmm yeah i bounced up and down making it fuck me balls deep mmm oh yeah my holes were getting sore now from all the cock im taking this night but its not over two more videos to go............
 what a fuck slut i am for my mistress im a sissy bitch and i need cock in my holes

fourth video....

this one i was looking forward to after all my teasing and slowly fucking i was told to really let go and fuck my bbc like my life depended on it.

so again back to my bathroom i stuck the bbc down and immediately started fuking my face hard and deep choking down the full length of my bbc mm yeah it felt so nasty on my knees in the toilet slamming my face with my toy, mm yeah i sucked and face fucked it till it was covered in throat sit and i was close to gagging there was only so much cock a sissy can take that deep hehe

so i stuck it to my toilet seat anmd started pounding my pussy so hard in and out as fast hard and deep as i could i really did let go i felt like a true whore begging for this dick in my pussy as i pounded it. mm oh fuck yeah daddy give me youre bbc mmm yeah harder, i smashed my pussy till it felt like it my rip hehe mmm oh yeah im a fucking whore for bbc fuck me. in and out deeper still til it was balls deep pounding me i could feel a sissy orgasm cumming on but had to hold out, (shame i havent cum from just being fucked yet like a true sissy girl)

i reamed more whole for what seemed like an eternity till i was exhausted and my pussy was spread loose. i laid back tierd and let the bbc slip from my pussy mm now for my reward......

fith and final porno of the night

time for sissy rachel reward for being a good fuck slut

as the bbc slid out of my pussy i sat there panting feeling empty now after having that cock in my pussy pounding it for so long (hehe think i need  a bigger but plug :O)

so i took my bbc placed it infront of me. for my last video i was told to cum all over my bbc cover it in my icky sissy mess tthen i was to wait 60 seconds while my cum dribbled down the bbc i was to just look at it and wait, showing a close up of my red cocksucking lips, after 60 seconds i was gagging to taste my sissy cream from the bbc usually my resolve to eat cum goes after ive cum but i was under instruction so time to whore up so to speak hehe

i watched as my sissy goo slid down that long black shaft the timer rang and i immediately pushed its cum coated length between my lips savouring my sissy taste and sucking it clean mm i moaned as i licked it all up it didnt taste good but i was a whore and had no choice im just a sissy whore cumdump, i rolled my bbc in the sticky mess that had run away from the shaft recovering it in that lovely cum, again i took it deep in throat sucking and licking that black dick clean from my sissy sperm

hehe wow i really am a greedy cock whore who wants to feed the sissy ;)


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