Tuesday, 11 December 2012

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Sissy Rachel returns xx

So my first day back and already my mistress has made me do 5  videos for her 4 of them were fucking and sucking wow my sissy hole is so sore.

so my first video task was to introduce my bbc to my new "whore house", as my mistress calls it now hehe, i was to fuck or suck it in every room well seen as my new place is alot smaller this wouldnt take long but it was only the first video! what a night i was in for.

So i got dressed in my sexy sissy knickers and bra hold up stockings and did some basic make up nice big red cock sucking lips and some dark eyes ;)a sissy skirt covered in hearts and my wig and heels oo rachel was back hehe.

i started on my knees in my toilet sucking my bbc cock taking its full length in my sissy mouth mm moaning like a good cock sucking whore as i deep throated the cock.

then i lead it to the shower and sucked it some more, i felt so slutty on my knees in my shower sucking this bbc toy, i couldnt wait any longer i slipped my but plug out and replaced it with my sissy toy mm i moaned as it filled and stretched my sissy pussy, ohh yeah i bounced up and down feeling its whole length filling my hole mmm oh god yes

this was going to be long night! full of cock.

After taking it deep in my sissy pussy in the shower for a while i went to my next room which wasnt far my small hall way with my fridge, i stuck my bbc to it and sucked it soo deep and hard rachel was soo horny now, after a quick re lube with my sissy mouth i stuck it to the fridge and backed up on it, oh fuck i cried as it re stretched me and filled me in a different way mm god i love this cock in my sissy ass

i stuffed my ass there for a bit then went to my living room/bedroom i bent right over my coffee table and begged my self for the bbc. 

mm i pushed it in my hole and forced it deep and hard mm my face pressed hard down onto the table as i reemed my pussy with  my toy, 

i took it out for some atm before quickly needing it filling my empty hole again.

next i moved to the kitchen this was risky as i have no curtains and im on the bottom floor, either way i was under instruction so i stuck my black cock to the washing machine and sucked it nice and quickly as i was scared of being spotted.

then onto the sofa i put my stocking legs together above my head as i laid on my back and pounded my sissy hole again oh wow this was so hot ive lived here just a week and now ive degraded my sissy self in every inch of it. 

but id saved the best til last my bed oh wow how i fantasise about being forced to bring a guy round and serve him all for my mistress how humiliating.

so i got down and dirty with my bbc on my bed for a while enjoying my toy and being rachel again. 0h what a start to the night......

For my second video for mistress was a sexy sissy strip tease, so i put the most layers of sissy clothes on i had, some sexy white jeans a pink vest top, re did my sexy lipstick. and a pink sissy bra and panties set, patterned stockings mm  and found some really girly songs ie britney spears hehe

i played it lound and got in the mood pretending i had a guy here and i had to make him hard. i swayed my sissy hips back and forth caressed my body all over mm this was getting me in the mood for more cock hehe , i danced about my living room teasing the camera with my sissy body slowly removing each item of sissy wear. what must my neighbours think what a gay boy lives next door playing britney spears how humiliating i wonder if theyl mention it.

i danced and teased till i was completley naked but my butt plug then moved on to my next video........

For the third video i was to slowly and sensualy fuck my bbc with no hands make it real hot like a good sissy porn star hehe 
 so i took my toy back to the bathroom where i could stick it
 i stuck it down and lowered my sissy pussy down on it mmy i felt its head squeeze into my hole mmm i kept lowering my self till i had its full black length inside me, i rode it nice and slow enjoying its fulness in my sissy pussy mmm yeah i bounced up and down making it fuck me balls deep mmm oh yeah my holes were getting sore now from all the cock im taking this night but its not over two more videos to go............
 what a fuck slut i am for my mistress im a sissy bitch and i need cock in my holes

fourth video....

this one i was looking forward to after all my teasing and slowly fucking i was told to really let go and fuck my bbc like my life depended on it.

so again back to my bathroom i stuck the bbc down and immediately started fuking my face hard and deep choking down the full length of my bbc mm yeah it felt so nasty on my knees in the toilet slamming my face with my toy, mm yeah i sucked and face fucked it till it was covered in throat sit and i was close to gagging there was only so much cock a sissy can take that deep hehe

so i stuck it to my toilet seat anmd started pounding my pussy so hard in and out as fast hard and deep as i could i really did let go i felt like a true whore begging for this dick in my pussy as i pounded it. mm oh fuck yeah daddy give me youre bbc mmm yeah harder, i smashed my pussy till it felt like it my rip hehe mmm oh yeah im a fucking whore for bbc fuck me. in and out deeper still til it was balls deep pounding me i could feel a sissy orgasm cumming on but had to hold out, (shame i havent cum from just being fucked yet like a true sissy girl)

i reamed more whole for what seemed like an eternity till i was exhausted and my pussy was spread loose. i laid back tierd and let the bbc slip from my pussy mm now for my reward......

fith and final porno of the night

time for sissy rachel reward for being a good fuck slut

as the bbc slid out of my pussy i sat there panting feeling empty now after having that cock in my pussy pounding it for so long (hehe think i need  a bigger but plug :O)

so i took my bbc placed it infront of me. for my last video i was told to cum all over my bbc cover it in my icky sissy mess tthen i was to wait 60 seconds while my cum dribbled down the bbc i was to just look at it and wait, showing a close up of my red cocksucking lips, after 60 seconds i was gagging to taste my sissy cream from the bbc usually my resolve to eat cum goes after ive cum but i was under instruction so time to whore up so to speak hehe

i watched as my sissy goo slid down that long black shaft the timer rang and i immediately pushed its cum coated length between my lips savouring my sissy taste and sucking it clean mm i moaned as i licked it all up it didnt taste good but i was a whore and had no choice im just a sissy whore cumdump, i rolled my bbc in the sticky mess that had run away from the shaft recovering it in that lovely cum, again i took it deep in throat sucking and licking that black dick clean from my sissy sperm

hehe wow i really am a greedy cock whore who wants to feed the sissy ;)


Monday, 10 December 2012

Still work in progress

still alot more to come plus daily task updates hopefully if things go smooth soon babes

luv rachy xx

ps my mistress wants to lock my useless clit up soon too so more too come on that too hehe


Sissy Rachel is back

ive been a way for so long mistress thought i was ignoring her. 
and so she made a page on facebook naming and shaming me but now were back to the present, and todays humiliating (and o boi was it archiving all my sissy exploits)tasks over with hopefully i will have been a good enough sissy to have that page removed i eagerly await a response from my mistress, o i hope she will hehe theres enough evidence on here now, i guess this is her plan, so either way im screwed but its too close to home is facebook oo im scared again .......

will update soon enough #mwah# sissy rachel xoxo


Sissy under controll tv

my mistress is now in contoll of my computer, she asked me to download teamviewer send her my name and password, i woke up this morning to....

My screensaver had been changed to a slutty picture on me in one of the public toilets, my webcam was open and my mistress was buzzing me on yahoo.

morning sissy i saw being typed in a notepad document. hmm this was interesting

morning mistress  i replied still half asleep.

i asked her what else she had done to my computer and she told me nothing, apart from change somethings to make it quicker....... o and post a pic of me in a dress on my facebook! my face dropped this was too far i loaded facebook up and had a look a saw a post from me saying bbc but no photo.

once again i saw the notepad start typing its self...

 Dont worry sissy i havent posted a photo up im not trying to destroy you.
few she was just kidding hehe i deleted the post  BBCping no one had seen it yet.

i cant lie this being trapped was turning me on

she told me to post up on facebook how i was feeling, i saw the cursor move to the facebok tab id opened and it select the status bar, things like this were so out of my character that im sure friends would notice. but i did as i was told not that i had a choice

The story my mistress had made me read of a mistress controlling a sissys life through teamviewer was ringing in my ears.

my mistress assured me shes alot fairer than that women in the story and shes only having some fun not trying to ruin me. i guess im just going to have to trust that. im so nervous and scared now things have most certainly stepped up now.

then my mistress told me she was going shopping and started typing tasks up in the note pad

1 i want 50 pictures of cocks in a file on youre desktop

2 i want 50 oictures of sissys in a file on youre desktop

3 i want a file of all youre sissy photos on youre desktop

all by the time i get back from shopping sissy.

oh and find some cock for youreself. with that she was gone.

 oh shit my friends are always using my laptop i cant have files of cocks and sissies on there but i really have no choice now :(
 so i obediently loaded up google images i typed juicy cock into the search, sure enough i was confronted with 100's of pictures of all sorts of cocks, my clit started to twinge looking through these was going to be hot.
in no time i had 50 so opened a new file on the desktop. named something obscure and moved on to the sissies file.

i really bring thing into reality when i see a picture of another sissy guy i really dont like them but i had to do as i was told for my mistress

again in no time i had 50 new file desktop done.

so i was pretty horny now after looking at several pictures of cocks, so i loaded up fab guys and looked through my messages and hunted for a real cock.

a message appeared from the guy whod fucked me the other day, it said i really enjoyed the other night,

mm me too i replied 

he said he wanted to fuck me again 

:) mm yeah babes i cant wait to feel youre cock filling me up again.

he said mm yeah ramming you im dying to bend you over

but then he went off line 

:( shame i liked taking that cock.

so now im sat here pantied plugged horny scared and waiting for my mistress to come back and scare me some more hehe what have i got myself into hehe 

 thank you mistress please go easy on rachel x


Sissy slut cock tour

so i woke up early today to a message from my mistress :)

she was very pleased with my actions not so happy with my sissy accident but she says my random late night suck and fuck more than made up for it my  mistress says she wants me to see the guy again ;) wow i cant wait i hope he really uses me this time. shes has also now looked at my profile on the bi/gay site so ill see what happens there ;P

my mistress also would like me to serve two guys in one night give a guy some sloppy seconds mm shes soo good knows just how to fuck with my sissy mind and bring out my sissy self.

apart from my sissy accident squirt the other day i havent had a proper orgasm still since she made me clean all my sissy mess up im soo horny now im ready to explode.

Mistress makes me edge and each time i do my cock leaks precum mm my balls must be so full.

anyway back to the point my sissy minds getting distracted again hehe

so the headline to this message was  SISSY COCK TOUR i couldnt wait to read this,

Task for today sissy is called COCK ON TOUR! That's right sissy, your poor cock gets left at home all alone while your at college looking at all the cuite young boys so today it's going with you sissy also you need to be in panties and bra I think that go's with out saying, you will continue to edge at every chance you get also your'll be able to such and fuck you use as many toilets as you wish slut but at least one of your videos will have to be out doors! You find the the place be it a garden behind a bush in a woods or down an ally a slut like you should know where to please cocks

mmmm wow taking my big black toy dick to college i cant believe this! i was so nervous but so turned on at the same time i couldnt resist the idea of a humiliating suck and fuck.

so i got dressed all nice and slutty in my new hold ups and black lace french knickers

and my older bra with the flowers on it and sexy roses on the straps. and , i took a picture to send mistress slipped on my white jeans then packed my bag.

id decided to tour my local area first so take the morning off college id also decided to take my laptop to film the action, so i packed my wig ( god i need a new sexy one this one is awful now) my bbc couple of condoms and headed for the nearest public toilet.

i decided to start at mcdonalds, i tottered in and headed straight for the toilet how suspicious it must of looked but i didnt care i just wanted my cock, but to my disappointment someone was in the toilet with the door, i was going to leave and have a special  nice long fuck outside but i changed my mind and waited i wanted a few videos and places. it is a tour after all hehe ;)

so the guy left soon enough and i slipped in, set up my laptop directed the cam at the toilet seat placed my bbc down on the seat.

To my surprise and i wont lie sort of turned me on there was a mirror in here i could watch my sissy hot body riding these cocks, so i took a quick snap for my mistress and got to it.

mm on my knees in the toilet like a true slut sucking my bbc toy mm i deep thorated it a few times but i was a greedy slut this morning i wanted it in my asspusy now!

i gave it some more good deep sucks to get it nice and wet and mm in it goes. i rode that cock enjoying its length and feel of it stretching my asspussy again mmm yeah i dint want to stay long as i wasnt even getting food. ( now i think about i should of mm i could of kept going back in there a nice suck and fuck after my burger as well. oh well)

after a few nice deep strokes in my pussy i let it slip out edged my self for a bit then got dressed and left. 

mm what a whore i felt as i walked out my ass stretched and loose mmm off to the next stop,

id being told i needed a video outdside mm what a great idea, its a fantasy of mine to be picked up femmed and used outside mmm hot hot

so off i tottered to the woods.

i was quite nervous about this as much as i looked forward to it where would i go a woods is big but also very open and public

i wandered round fantasying about the hole being filled in this beautiful place then i saw a flat spot that looked sheltered from the path i headed straight for it.

took a quick look around and stripped wow felt so dirty and naughty being dressed like this out here i took my bbc from my bag and sucked it as i set laptop up.

that was all i needed to get me horny as hell again and need my cock i forgot about my paranoia and the risk pulled my sexy white jeans down to my knees and took my cock i rode it deep and hard loving sort of living out my fantasy of been used outside mm what a whore i am i started talking dirty feeling the relief of being able to moan and yell as loud as i wanted as being outside mm yeah give that bbc mm yeah fuck me i cried and moan loving it i was aware i dint have long before college so again let the cock fall from my hole oh it felt so empty now good job id taking my plug i filled it back up stopped the video and walked back for my third cock and my last before college.

Stop 3 on the sissy cock tour

As soon as i read the message id decided i wanted to go back here my first public suck and fuck with my bbc toy for my mistress mm what a day that was, even with those horrible panties hehe

so i entered the supermarket headed to the toilet stripped stuck my cock on the toilet seat and away this whore went again mmm god my hole was soo lose now it felt so good getting fuked in my asspussy over and over again

one thing had been troubling me since i got this email, i thought my mistress wanted a picture of my cock in my hand with a random person in the picture, i didnt know how i was to acheive this but thought id try anyways. turns out it was just my dildo she wanted a picture of oops ;P

so i pryed door open still fully femmed in the male bog how scared i was, was untrue there was a guy pissing so i quickly tried to grab my cock and snap a photo he started turning round so i had to shut the door, shit that was close. no trying that again like that hehe new plan.

so i got dressed and left for college my hole and jaw soo saw teary eyed mm such a slut.

i was hoping on being able to use my hole again before college but sadly there was no time 3 cocks would have to do for now.

at college i managed to get away for 5 or 10 minutes i went to the toilet undressed as much as i dared, prepared my cock and got back to it mm this was a little scarier being at college was making me nervous the toilet was small and cramped so im sure i was making loads of noise. i didnt have my laptop so had to use my phone god it was awkward but i fucked my hole and sucked and fucked till i was no longer comfortable being and went back to class horny and shaken.

all through college i could feel my hole leaking spit and pulsing after my fuking mm god this was great soo horny but i need to cum and i cant which is only making me hornier which is making me hornier hehe a never ending cycle of horny cock sucking sissy cum denial action. 

so when i get home i couldnt resist another show i undressed set my laptop up again and got down on my knees for probably not the last time tonight hehe i took my bbc deep and sucked and sucked mm building up that natural sissy lube, mm yeah i teased it, being glad to be home and be as sissy as i wont with no fear of being seen or caught mm yeah i enjoyed my toys length edged myself some more and and got back dressed now i was home i put my sissy plug back in put my sexy underwear on and got back to the sissy porn and writing this lovely blog hope you enjoyed it.


A quiet night in

so no play today my mistress did say she may not always be available and i wasnt available really either  as id planned a normal night with the mates to clear my head.

but to get it all cloudy and filthy again after a day at college i got home dressed in my panties bra and wig, put in my but plug and loaded up the sissy porn. hoping to play with  my mistress or hear about her date before i went out.

the porn was getting me as horny and wet again but no sign of mistress, oh well these things happen so i spent the day edging my sissy clit being very careful not to hae any accidents this time. i teased and teased till i was so hard i though i might burst my clit all purple and swollen then i went to my freinds, so needless to say my head wasnt exactly clear hehe ;)