Monday, 10 December 2012

Sissy life with her Mistress continued

My mistress was soon back and had a wicked plan for her sissy. i was told to get all nice and dresses and then i was made to search online for some sissy faggot cock sucking stories...

Heres what the message said.

Ok sissy i want you to complete some tasks for me today sissy boi, youre going to be doing some cock  sucking slut!
Arent you a lucky sissy! You are to dress tom impress all slutty, then i want you to find me some stories about sissy cock suckers, you must read them cause they best be good slave.
I want the links sent to my yahoo along with a minute video of you sucking cock!!
A new video after each story, i will expect at least 5 so thats 25 minutes of sucking dick and lots of sexy reading.
i do love these tasks have fun slut x

25 minutes of just sucking cock mm i was excited and got straight to my task i loaded up literrotica and searched away...
i soon found some steamy stories and sat there plugged and pantied reading about sissy made to suck cock. once the stroy was finished i put a condom on over the cock (always play safe right ;)) and started sucking for my first 5 minutes was going to be a long night xxx
i carressed its length and kissed the tip before taking it deep in my sissy bitch throat.

So i moved on to the next story mm oh wow this was making me sooo hot on my knees sucking a bbc after reading a sexy sissy story my sissy clit was getting wet. 
i did as i was told and read each story and then sucked my bbc for 5 minutes afterwards. My favourite story was the dessires quest for cock such a nasty sissy bitch made to service random truckers and filled with cock and cum till she passed out mm what a life....
rest of the videos will be posted up soon..

Below is a list of links to those slutty stories.....