Monday, 10 December 2012

Sissy pornstar

so after a night of edging and fantasisng i was ready to be used like a whore. when my mates left i contacted my mistress she told me to dress like a good sexy whore as i was in  for a treat.

i as going to make a porno with my toy...

i was told to dress in my sexy long red and white stripped dress imagine a sort of school summer dress.

my wig and my new sexy lipstick, soo much sexy and more obvious on my big cock sucking lips than lip gloss ;)

i was to imagine i had a hot stud down stairs to but some music on and really get into it. i had to strip for the camera and my toy teaase the toy before sucking it with my big slutty mouth.

the best part was the humiliation fom earlier was brought back as i was instructed to suck and fuck for 5 minutes for each friend i had over, teach me to have friends that arent fuck buddies ;)

and of course 5 minutes for my wonderfull mistress

that was 20 whole minutes of taking bb toy cock in my ass and mouth hhe but i was ready for anything.

So i had a nice sissy soak, while i searched for a suitable song a nice sissy striptease song 
 found it in no time and went down stairs.
i danced and teased that cock till i couldnt take it any longer and needed it in my mouth, i sucked it deep and long till it was covered in my spit from deep in my throat, mm nicely lubed for a good ass fucking.
i pounded my ass as i humiliated my self telling me what a good whore i am and how much i love being fuked and suking and eating black cock, mmmm yeah getting wet thinking about it again.
I reemed my ass till it was so loose and my bbc was just sliding in and out mm what a good whore i am my sissy porn video is below...... omg how humilaiting!


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