Monday, 10 December 2012

Sexy sissy catwalk

after my sexy shop and my close call in the toilet i couldnt wait to get home my mistress had already being in touch to tell  me well done for my shop.

she told me i was going to be a good sissy model for her when i get home.

 As soon as i arrived home i stripped and plugged and contacted mistress, she told me to make a sexy catwalk show for her showing off all my sissy outfits. i couldnt wait i immediately dressed in my sissy black lacey french knickers and my hold ups mm i looked like such a fukable slut.

i made my way down stairs to begin the show, i strolled teased bobbed and strip my way through the show teasing the camera and mistress with my new sissy outfits, 

after the show i was to spend some time sucking and fucking in my new fave outfit.

hmm i was unbelivebly horny at this point edged for two nights sucked and fucked mm i was i sissy limbo. i sucked the cock like a greedy whore which was only making me more turned on i couldnt wait till fell it fill my sissy hole again mmmmm

i sat down on it as it felt its length fill my ass pussy mmmmmmmm what a slut cock whore i am. i pounded and pounded my as as hard as i could.


i though id get away with some edging big mistake as i pounded harder and harder i started to stroke. without warning  a stream of come shot from my clit as my cock hit home deep in my sissy pussy. i was distraught oh no i came without permission i quickly cleaned it up. rubbed my toy in it and sucked the juices from it, mmm im sorry mistress i was a naughty whore. please dont be mad :( i just love cock too much it made my sissy clitty squirt ;) 

mm so my sissy hole is so loose and sore after that suck and fuck ;) my mistress has gone on  a date and im left in my new outfit and a plug in my ass how humiliating.
 my mistress is off to go meet a hot stud and be treated like the princess she as while im stuck in. shes out having a great meal and getting some cock. lucky her i only have my toy. im sure il play again later ;)
 hmm but what if my mistress had already arrange for me to be tied up in the bathroom dressed all slutty sucking and fucking any one in the restaurant who uses me as shes wined and dined. mm im a filthy whore with some nasty fantasies.
 mm my mistress also says if i continue to be such a good whore she will invite me down to hers for a sexy weekend of humiliation, keep me tied up in the wardrobe as she gets a good fucking ;) mm i wish hehe 


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