Monday, 10 December 2012

Sissy shopping trip

So today i was back in college but it was not on my mind again all i could think of as my sissy shopping task area all the girls going to laugh at me standing in that shop looking at all the sexy lacy underwear.

i left college early i could wait any longer i got the bus bck into town, i planned to go to primark then home.

 as i entred primark my heart started pounding suddenly the enormity of my task set in i had to clam down so i strolled about pretending to be interested in the male section. 

wow all those sexy clothes ive never appreciated how nice womens clothes are till today i could of bought the store hehe all soo wondrfull and colourfull and grily.

so i gathered my senses took  a deep breath and headed for the lingerie.

as i arrived at what looked to be it i realised i didnt have aclue what i was doing everything looked the same just girly and sexy. i must of looked so out of place a true obvious sissy shopping for her needs.

i treid to stay calm as i was fingering my way through the endles selection mm my clitty was getting hard god how embarresing.

i browsed some more and eventually picked out some nice sexy stin lacy balck french knickers, then a nice pink bra and thong set, i was on a roll this wasnt so hard but what would the checkout say.

i chose another really sexy red and polkadot bra and knickers set this is my fave is soo sexy and sissy, i checked my list mistress had given me just the stockings/hold ups to go.

i looked but couldnt seem to find so i though id hit the checkout and go to another store. the que was massive there i as in a bra and pantie under my clothes standing in a q and a female clothes store with 3 different sets of underwear in my hands. WHAT A FAGGOT.

as it was my turn i swallowed and tried to act normal hope he thinks there for my g/f thats right i was served by a guy he must of thought iwas such a wierdo sissy boi.

as i tried to leave the escalator was blocked so i had to take another exit, as i got to the bottom of the stairs what was staring me in the face but hold ups :D the sissy god must be smiling on me.

so i quickly chose a sexy lace top set and qued up gain full of confidence this time my sissy task was done :D

in the que i notice some sexy ploka dot nails and just had to treat my sissy self


pictures of my proof receipt and all my sissy purchases mwah xoxo 


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