Monday, 10 December 2012

Sissy edging

so another sissy day goes by, when i got home from college i immediately stripped all my boy costume off and and got in my pink panties bra wig and plugged my ass, as i am to do anytime im in my house till i leave.

I logged on and started chatting to my mistress she told me my panties were horrible and i needed some new sexy underwear, i had 48 hours proof of a receipt was required so i couldnt cheat no that i would.
The thought of going to shop and walking to the womans lingerie aisle, was terrifying, surely they would know or say something but that stories for later....... i told my mistress i would do as she asked and tried to calm my nerves about that task.

so we talked and she asked me what i was doing, i told her having a few mates over, she seemed to like this and used it as a chance to humiliate me.

i was told to wear my bra n horrible pantie as they were all i owned. and have my as plugged usual home routine just no wig obviously. and to then cover up with my boi costume.

i was to edge myself through my pockets and keep going to the bathroom for a more severe edging.

so my friends came over and my humiliation began.......

there i was in my bathroom my mates no more than a foot away, stroking my sissy clit in my bra and panties talking dirty and just being a general whore getting soo horny. what would they honestly think!

i was to edge once for each friend that came over, i had three friends over by the end of the night my mind was wild id edged four times and all i could think of was sucking and fucking some nice hard cock mm my ass pussy was soo wet.
video clips below 


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